The art of song has been warming my day and chilling my soul for the entirety of my life. In fourth grade I joined a choir and have been performing in musical groups ever since. Music is one of the few things that will always put a smile on my face. In the same way, I love being able to make the person next to me smile. This is where my passion for music comes from.


Snowboarding is my favorite sport and it gives me a fun way to excercise. I even compete at an amateur level. It is more than just a sport to me though. It is the panacea to all of my worries and it is favorite way to find peace and connect with nature. If it is winter and I am not coding, you may want to check the mountain first.


I have very recently discovered and come to love research. It is my biggest way of contributing to the scientific community as well as the world. I work on computer tasks ranging from video based heart rate detection to a machine learning based virus detection that uses hardware performance counters. With everything that I have been given, it is necessary that I give back as much as I can.


My programming career started in 2010 and I have used languages from Scratch and Basic to Java and Scheme. In this time, I have developed a love for coding due to what is able to accomplish. Programming allows people to connect, interact, and have fun in ways previously unimaginable. In order to allow these positive aspects of our technology to shine, everything must remain safe. This is why I work with computer security.


There are few things more exciting than watching someone finally understand something that they have been struggling with. Teaching is the devotion to allow everyone to experience this level of learning. Due to my teachers who have shown this type of passion towards my success, I have devoted myself to help teach whenever I can as well.


I mean who doesn't like sleeping.